Heras Chemicals' Blog

Three Fields in One


HERAS CHEMICALS was founded with the aim of becoming a leading company in the chemical and industrial sector with a comprehensive, international and innovative offer of services and chemicals from an efficient and committed relationship with customers, suppliers and society in general.

In HERAS CHEMICALS we try to inspire, with modesty, the values that we believe should impulse the society to a better future, such as honesty, work well done, commitment with the society and the rejection of any form of discrimination.

We have customers in three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), we give to our customers our best chemicals (as antimony, antimony trioxide,...), our best technical advices (as in quality system, health and safety audits, engineering services, process control, Innovation, automation, continuous improvement...), our best executive advices (as in organizational development, business plan, market analysis, commercial development, cost analysis,change management, interim management,...) and in executive coaching (as in leadership analysis, support to management development, motivation, decision making, team efficiency,...).

Francisco Heras Cuenca,
CEO-General Manager